Kingdom of God Outreach Ministries

Kingdom of God Outreach Ministries


Pastor Gulley’s Vision

I see our ChAllen 5.bmpurch as a place where the unchurched believers will come and be refreshed by the fresh oil of God's presence. A place that responds to and ministers to their spirits, to their souls and to their bodies. The Lord has made it clear to me that He has sent me to minister to His body. I see people coming from the east, from the west, from the north, from the south, and from the center parts of where they dwell to come to the Kingdom of God Outreach Ministries. These people are the saints of God who love the Lord and are like sheep without a Sheppard. Some of them have not found the kind of church that meets their spiritual needs. Some have been hurt by the church in some way. Some have been mislead and are now bitter and angry. The list goes on and on and on, telling story after story about those who are saved who don't attend church for one reason or another.

The Lord has assigned Kingdom of God Outreach Ministries to be like refreshing waters to help bind up the wounds, to help make God’s people aware of Him again, and to help them come into a close and intimate relationship with Him. A relationship that will help them to understand that God is their all in all, and that God is the strength of their lives. To know and know again that their trust should not be in a church or in a man, but in God.

I see men and women and boys and girls being healed and delivered and set free of every kind of sickness and disease. I see every kind of demon being cast out of God's people. I see maimed people being made whole, I see dead people being raised from the dead. I see blinded eyes being open, deaf ears being unstopped, dumb tongues being loosed, and I see the lame walking. I see God coming on the scene with great power and great might to usher His people into the most holy place of His care for their every need. He wants them to know Him, and love Him with all of their hearts, with all of their minds, with all of their souls, and with all of their strengths. I see families coming to this church—Families who know the Lord but don't go to church. I see marriages coming back together. I see family problems of all kinds being fixed and healed by the wonderful power of God. Kingdom of God Outreach Ministries is on the mind and heart of God to be a beacon light to His people who have gone astray and He wants them back!

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